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Lacquerous Rent nail polishes

From companies like Rent Frock Repeat—which lets you rent high fashion dresses for short periods of time—to purse rental site Bag, Borrow, Or Steal, luxury fashion rental services are a popular way for the masses to get a taste of high fashion. But today Refinery 29 brought a new type of rental service to our attention: Lacquerous, a soon-to-launch subscription service for nail polishes.

Before you say “ick!” consider that a single bottle of high-end nail polish can cost more than $25—and unless you’re a collector-slash-hoarder, odds are you’ll only use that polish a handful of times before moving onto the next It shade. Enter Lacquerious: For $18 a month, users are sent three colours selected from a library of 70+ nail polish shades. Only high-end brands, such as Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, OPI, and Chanel, are available, with just-released collections being key. After spending 30 days with the nail polishes, the user ships them back in a pre-paid envelope and waits for the next batch.
True, we were at first a little hesitant to succumb to the idea of sharing nail polishes with strangers—but you only have to watch a bottle of polish get passed around a salon to realize this happens all the time. Also Lacquerous (which is only available in the US for now) assures us that studies have been done to prove that no bacteria can live inside a bottle of nail polish. Phew.
But there are a few catches: You can only use each bottle of rented polish three times and Lacquerous monitors the amounts in each bottle (kind of creepy). That means you and all your gal pals can’t take advantage of the service! And regardless of how quickly you send back your rented colours, you have to wait 30 days between rental periods.


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