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One Direction perfume fragrance

A million happy tweets were likely launched this morning when news broke that the boy band of the moment, One Direction, have signed a deal to launch a women’s perfume in 2013. WWD noted that this move will put the fivesome into even further competition with Justin Bieber, whose Girlfriend fragrance launched earlier this year. (We’re still impressed that eager fans haven’t stolen all the life-size cardboard cutouts of Bieber from drugstore displays across the country.) Of course, these days a cosmetics empire is almost mandatory for any act with a roster of record-breaking Top 40 hits (just ask Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj) so it’s no surprise that One Direction is entering the world of celebrity fragrance. While no details of the scent have been released—other than a tentative fall 2013 launch date—here’s five of our best predictions as to what One Direction fans can look forward to:
1. A telephone booth-shaped perfume bottle? The red phone booth from the cover of One Direction’s just-released album Take Me Home has become a fan favourite—and would make for a pretty cute perfume bottle.
2. Different fragrances for each One Direction member? What better way to make sales skyrocket! Though stores would have to be sure to stock more of the Harry Styles and Zayn Malik scents…
3. Could it be the first perfume that plays a song as you spray? Lady Gaga changed the game when she launched the first black-to-clear fragrance, making innovation just as important as marketing. So we’re imagining a bottle that plays the chorus from “What Makes You Beautiful” as you spritz.
4. Fans could determine the name of the fragrance: One Direction loves to host question and answer sessions online, so imagine if they turned to Twitter to take suggestions on what to name the scent?
5. Older fans will love it just as much as younger ones: For instance, the scent could be heavy on vanilla and buttercream notes appealing to the noses of a younger audience while still making us older fans (ahem…) feel beautiful.


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