Clean Skin Fashions And Mode

When opting for a minimal makeup look, there’s no room for caked-on foundation. We loved Olivia Wilde’s take on the idea at the ACE Awards in New York City. The star’s dewy finish had no trace of heavy concealer, and the generous swipe of peach blush acted as the focal point. Before applying foundation, her makeup artist Gianpaolo Ceciliato gave Wilde a mini-face massage to stimulate the blood vessels in her skin, and impart a natural flush. “I start by prepping the skin with moisturizer and a good massage—the massage is my primer,” he said. Rather than reaching for the bronzer, Ceciliato blended different shades of foundation over the star’s face to impart a subtle contour. “I always use two foundations: The lighter one under the eyes, on the center of the forehead, and on the chin. The darker shade is placed around the hairline, on the jaw, neck, and cheek, then I blend everything together.” A light dusting of shimmer powder over the high points of Wilde’s face and a sweep of apricot blush finished the look.

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