Beyoncé shows us how nail art is done by wearing Jay Z’s face on her nails | Hollywood yohana

In the continued tradition of Beyoncé‘s tumblr making us feel simultaneously in awe and beyond envious of her life is her most recent picture post of some pretty incredible nail art. Bey’s always been into elaborate manicures but this really does top everything she’s done before: there are mini prints of her and Jay Z‘s faces! (The nails, which are also rhinestone decorated with J, Z and B initials may as well be saying “So what have you done lately to make your husband feel special, huh?”) We’ll take a guess that the pictures are custom Minx prints and that this is the handiwork of Beyonce’s fave nail tech, Lisa Logan. The blue polish is also another favourite—it looks like Nails Inc. “Baker Street” which Beyoncé started wearing after Blue Ivy was born. And before you ask where the darling baby comes into this whole design, look to Bey’s pinky: the “IV” is right there.

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