The scoop (and pictures!) from Rachel Zoe’s visit to Vancouver’s Holt Renfrew | Hollywood yohana

Big deal, small-boned stylist Rachel Zoe hit Holt Renfrew in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon to show off some of her Marianne Faithfull-fueled Fall 2012 collection for fans.
In Q&A with Holts’ Barbara Atkin, Zoe said the last time she visited Vancouver she was 16 years-old and came to go camping. A cloud of consternation came over the crowd, but that cleared up as soon as she admitted she “dressed very inappropriately” in platform shoes with piles of jewellery. Ah, that’s more like the Zoe we know.
A navy crepe jumpsuit and a white brocade pantsuit—which was the opening look in her New York runway show—elicited the most oohs and aahs. These utterances of approval may or may not have come from guests like model agency owner Liz Bell, who was on hand to see some of her girls toe a straight line in sky high heels, and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula and eTalk’s Susie Wall.
The event was disappointingly light on Zoe-isms though. No “bananas!” or “I die”, but there was a sliver of a new one for the Zoexicon. When chatting about beginning her career, Zoe wasn’t going to give up her age, but she relented realizing the information wouldn’t be that hard to find: “Google, duh!”

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