22 Prada shoe close-up photos that beg the question: How do you really feel about the toe/thong/sock/platform? | Hollywood yohana

Prada Spring 2013 Thong Sock Shoes

It’s been a whole 24 hours since Miuccia Prada took her faith in the ugly-chic to its farthest extent, unleashing a Rei Kawakubo meets Mary Quant meets Marc Jacobs meets Marimekko hybrid collection accessorized with leather toe thong sock platforms at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013. We’re still processing how we feel. Maybe we’re just finding a way to like the shoes because it feels bad to say anything bad about Prada. (It’s like; you’d never call your mom ugly, right?) Often with dear Miuccia, it takes a little while for eyes to adjust to her prophetic stylings (monkeys on stripes on poof sleeves? Hey!) but these little guys seem to be the first widely-disliked items Miuccia Prada has made in quite some time.

It can’t be the toe divider alone that makes us so uncomfortable; after all, the Margiela version has been widely loved for seasons. It can’t be the silver sheen either; after all, tis destined to be one of the definitive colours of Spring 2013. So what is it then? The ribbon bows? The cacophonous clash of it all? Is it that you really just want to just sing the “Thong Song” but don’t think its appropriate? To help us sort out why we hate/hate-love the shoes, we’ve provided 22 photos of the monsters in question. Flip through and tell us what you think.


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