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Balenciaga Balmain Spring 2013

We all know that fashion week is the breeding ground for creating trends, but when a trend becomes so obvious that it stops you in your tracks, you know its going to be important come next season. Need proof? Have a look back at yesterday’s shows from the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013, specifically Balenciaga’s first look and Balmain’s second.
I am not saying there was any collusion or industrial espionage at play here. It’s no secret that designers all use the same trend forecasting services, which graphically outline directions, moods and themes for the season ahead. Inevitably there are going to be similarities that emerge, but what is interesting is to compare the interpretations of the folded crop tops worn with black high-waisted, pleated trousers.
At Balenciaga, Nicholas Ghesquiere’s snug bra and streamlined pant seemed tidier and more modern than Olivier Rousteing’s swaggering look for Balmain. And that probably makes sense given that the women these two designers are aiming for are quite distinct. Balenciaga fans are into form. The Balmain tribe is all about flash.

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