Miley’s gone blonde and Taylor’s now brunette! Which new dye job do you like best? | Hollywood yohana

In breaking hair colour news, two pop sensations with a love for country have given their locks a serious colour overhaul over the past couple days.
Recently engaged Miley Cyrus tweeted a phone-snapped pic of her new blonde tresses, along with the message “Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo” (we have no idea what that could possibly mean). The Hannah Montana star also shed a few inches, giving her locks a fresh departure from the long, auburn style she’d been wearing over the past year.
The real surprise is Taylor Swift, though: the country singer has been as associated with her shimmering blonde curls as she is with her famously candid songs, so new Cover Girl campaign images of the country star as a brunette (well, dirty blonde but still verging on brunette territory) are pretty shocking. Though the behind-the-scenes video seems to show Swift with lighter hair (leading us to believe that her hair may have been darkened in the images post-production), we’ll have to wait until she takes to the red carpet to see how dark she really went. Either way, it’s another step away from her “country cutie” look and a sign that she’s continuing on her sleeker image makeover.

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