Vanessa White gets matching slippers with boyfriend - Fashion and Mode

Vanessa White is so loved-up with boyfriend Gary Salter that they even wear the same slippers.

The Saturdays singer has shared a cute Instagram picture of the couple modelling their matching fluffy footwear.

‘His & Hers 👟👞👡👠👟👞👡👠 @instagazman,' Vanessa, 24, captioned the snap.

A confused fan responded: ‘I thought it was gonna be his and hers SOUP when I read the caption first - hahaha!'

But Vanessa isn't willing to share everything with her man.

‘@Peterloraine no the soup is all MINE! #yum,' the songstress wrote back.

‘carrot, broccoli and courgette with chicken LOL sounds soo bad but was SO GOOD!! U need to get on it! X'

Vanessa has been dating stylist Gary since 2011 and last week spoke of her affection for him when she posted a sweet snap of them on Instagram.

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