Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013: Laura Siegel’s desert-ready collection has sent us packing for the Sahara | Hollywood yohana

Laura Siegl Spring 2013

Just add a desert and you’ve got the perfect background for Laura Siegel’s Spring 2013 collection. Instead of bring sand storms indoors; the first show of the inaugural year of The Collections featured models perched (some teetering) on wooden boxes with colourful cacti at their feet.
Adding to the pops of colour on the floor, the models had a case of pink eye—lids were lined in a bright verging on neon pink shadow and messy updos and braids were completed by streaks of fuchsia.

But now to the clothing. Layers of knits, thermals, and gauzy tie-dyes made up what was an effortless collection. Laura Siegel played with fabrics to create new shapes from a slouchy wrap leather jacket that hit a country western note with tassels to an oversized knit which at first appeared to be a scarf but was really a sweater.
There were dresses and pants made of a white crocheted material, which was reminiscent of a park blanket but was cool enough to be city friendly. Despite, the neutral palette of greens and tans, there was one stand out top embroidered with a bacteria print in bright pinks and greens.
The Spring 2013 light and airy collection was a welcomed change from Laura Siegel’s dark winter collection, so excuse us while we book a trip to the Sahara.

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