Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: 20 shots of varsity jackets, faux fur and a Nirvana T-shirt outside the shows | Hollywood yohana

Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013

Toronto Fashion Week(s) Spring 2013 is in full swing and the first two batches of street style photos from Stefania Yarhi are just the appetizer to the main course, which will kick off on Monday at David Pecault Square.
There may be no Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, or Taylor Tomasi Hill running about the city, but that’s not to say our very own Toronto natives aren’t just as stylin’. Since it’s nearing the end of October, it’s getting cold outside (it’s Canada!) so show goers have taken a liking to wearing layers outside the shows and refuse to take them off even when inside. The varsity jacket and motorcycle jacket has become a go-to piece seen on multiple girls about town.

Cedric Gasaida, singer for Azari & III, remixed and matched five prints together to create a mishmash of colours (topping it off with a leopard print turban) while another girl did the opposite in a completely monochromatic look in white. The graphic tee has made the transition from fashion month to Toronto and a Nirvana skeleton shirt was matched with a yellow blazer and black choker.
We’re feeling pretty greedy right about now, because we want more street style photos. A whole weekend is far too long to wait.

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