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Alexander Wang For Balenciaga

The rumour mill has steadily been churning since the announcement of Nicolas Ghesquière’s departure from Balenciaga. Effective tomorrow, the seat of the creative director will officially be vacant, but as of today it seems that Alexander Wang has pulled ahead of the bunch and is the front-runner for the position.
According to the French newspaper, Nouvel Observator, Wang has emerged as the shoo-in for the job, and this statement was followed up by, New York Times writer, Cathy Horyn—who was one of the first to break the news about Ghesquiere’s departure—in an article that said the announcement of Wang’s new role at Balenciaga could come as early as next week.

The news of Alexander Wang as the successor of Balenciaga comes as a slight surprise given the nature of recent rumours. Many sources were almost certain it would be Scottish designer Christopher Kane to take over at Balenciaga. It seemed almost too convenient when Kane left Versace’s younger brand, Versus last week, and somewhat fishy when it was reported that Kane was in talks with PPR (which owns Balenciaga) about getting financial backing for his eponymous label.
This month has become an emotional rollercoaster because of Balenciaga. We felt sadness when it was announced that Nicolas Ghesquière was leaving, excitement with every new rumour, and now, we are growing impatient to learn who’s next. Please let this be settled before 2013!

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