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Mariah Carey OPI Nail Polish Opener

Mariah Carey was the star of a movie titled Glitter for a reason. So when it was announced that she would be partnering with OPI and releasing a collection of nail polishes in January 2013, we expected a whole lot of glitz with a dash of glamour. And guess what, we were right.
The collection’s eight colours range from pale-pink to an almost-black with red flecks of sparkle—perhaps each an ode to the diva’s singing range? There are four shades that use OPI’s newest nail polish innovation, Liquid Sand. The new nail polish technology provides a textured matte finish that is infused with reflective sparkles. This is the first time OPI has debuted its Liquid Sand nail polish and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI executive VP and artistic director, said the polish is “worthy of a superstar” in a press release.

While we’re all over the glitter and shine of the Mariah Carey by OPI collection, we’re sad that our favourite songs didn’t make the cut when it came to naming each nail polish. We were hoping for a nod or two at Mariah’s past hits (and our favourites!) like “Heartbreaker” and “Honey,” but instead more obscure songs seem to have made the cut—such as the bold blue Liquid Sand polish dubbed “Get Your Number.” There is one small throwback to 1997, though, with a Champagne-pink polish called “A Butterfly Moment.”
We’re particularly intrigued by the concept of Liquid Sand and can’t wait to give these textured matte polishes a whirl once they hit stores in January 2013. What more can we say? The Mariah Carey by OPI nail polish collection is certainly a line of colours that we’ll keep on coming back to incessantly.

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