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Katy Perry Fragrances Coty

If Katy Perry’s self-proclaimed fall from cloud nine is an example of anything, it’s that the pop star knows how to hit the ground running. Her summer 3D movie Katy Perry: Part of Me was a box-office hit and every single released by the singer has become an instant chart topper. Now, Katy Perry is continuing with her fragrance line but going bigger and bolder.
Today it was announced that Katy Perry has signed a contract with Coty Inc.—the global beauty manufacturer that has brands such as OPI, Marc Jacobs and Rimmel in its portfolio—to distribute her two existing perfumes (Meow! and Purr) and work alongside as she develops her third signature scent. “I’m excited to share what’s next in my perfumed world,” she said via press release.

It comes without surprise that the pop star is expanding her beauty brand and working on more scents—after all, Katy Perry has become somewhat of a style icon in the music world. Her constantly changing hair colour is always making news, she recently launched a collection of false eyelashes inspired by her own enviable set and her nails are always decked out in a cute, custom nail art design.
If we could take a guess at anything, it’s that Katy Perry’s next perfume will also have a cat-themed name and it will be as sweet as can be due to her penchant for treats (cupcake bras, oversized lollipops, etc). But will no release date set for the third scent, all we can do is speculate.


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