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Yourreebok Customized Sneakers

One does not need to qualify themselves as a “sportster” or “gym rat” to appreciate a pair of customized running shoes. Need further proof? Exhibit A: the rise to fame of the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge and exhibit B: Kristen Stewart’s dedication to wearing high tops to red carpet events. And for those who love going to the gym (hats off to you), shopping for new gear is always a highlight. Who doesn’t want to look stylish even if they’re only headed to the gym?
This is where Reebok’s newest platform, YourReebok, comes into play. The premise is simple: select a shoe that works for your work out preferences—whether it’s cross fit or jogging or walking—start with an all white shoe and design from there. Each Reebok shoe has different ways to customize them. There are 19 colours, 23 different areas of the shoes waiting to be changed and four different materials that can be used. You can even add words into the mix; go for your name or WHTVR (no seriously, we put WHTVR on our shoes). It’s safe to say no two shoes will ever be the same.

We haven’t decided if we’re going to step up our fitness game or just wear our sneakers as an every day staple but either way, we will be happy to tell anyone who asks where we got our shoes from that “they’re custom”.


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