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Your ultimate guide to workout routines and exercise programs

It’s safe to say that one of the most common new year’s resolutions is the promise to make this year most healthier than the last. Be it a goal to lose weight, to add a bigger focus on fitness in your life or to just continue the with the workout program you started long ago, we’re here to help you get fit.
If you’re seeking a customized workout but a personal trainer seems out of reach, why not try one of our celebrity-approved workout programs? From Rihanna’s toned abs to Blake Lively’s super-fit bod, we share the fitness routines developed by their personal trainers. Or if you’re more of a fitness class devotee, we share the best gym classes, boot camps and boutique workouts from across Canada. Whatever your fitness goals are, we have you covered.
Try Rihanna’s workout routine »
Ever wonder what Rihanna’s workout routine is like? We interviewed her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, to get the scoop. While non-stop concert tours and high-powered performances certainly help, Rihanna uses Pasternak’s signature 5 Factor workout plan to stay toned. And now you can too: we share the five phase workout program he developed for Rihanna as well as other celebrity-approved healthy lifestyle tips.
Get a body like Blake Lively »
Blake Lively’s personal trainer Bobby Strom, has quite the plan of attack when it comes to her workout program—it includes everything from circuit training to stability work. We break it down for you into four easy exercises that you can do at home or at the gym. Some added incentive: This fitness routine was developed when Blake Lively was filming Green Lantern, making it a superhero-worthy workout.
High-impact fitness classes »
From the superhuman workout that is CrossFit to mixed martial arts, these classes are best suited for those who are well-seasoned at working out. Why not use the new year to take your workout program to the next level?
Workouts that tone and tighten »
If your exercise goals revolve around toning, sculpting and tightening your muscles, these new fitness methods and classes are for you. We explore stand up paddleboarding, circus-inspired aerial silks skills workshops, the ballet-style workout and more. Best of all? No running shoes required.
Fun ways to exercise »
Is there a better motivator for getting fit than having fun? The reason you were in such good shape as a kid wasn’t because you were exercising all day long—it was because you were running around all day and playing. We’ve found fitness classes that sound so fun, you won’t even notice how many calories you’re burning. Whether you’re swinging on a trapeze, breaking it down to booty bass tunes or learning the art of swordplay à la Game of Thrones, it’s time to bring play back into your everyday adult life.
Best workouts on your schedule »
Sometimes between work, social events, and all the other things you do, hitting the gym just isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to forsake fitness! The at-home workout routine is definitely at an all-time high—but the downside to this is that the ranges of DVDs available can be just as intimidating as a testosterone-infused weight room. Which is why we’re here to help: we list the best ways to get a little exercise in at home, including webisodes, workout video games and something you can do with your iPhone.

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