Inside the Hermès Swinging Silks party: 16 photos of Toronto’s most impeccably costumed donning varsity jackets, victory rolls and cat-eyes while swing dancing | Hollywood yohana

Hermes Swinging Silks Party

Hermès turned the clocks back to the days of Cry-Baby and Marty McFly last Thursday, as Toronto’s most impeccably costumed hit the Berkeley Church for a rockabilly themed dance party. Thrown for no apparent reason but to celebrate one of the things Hermès does best, the event, entitled “Swinging Silks” had the brand’s iconic silk prints indeed swinging throughout the building: on bannisters, around wrists, from ceilings and of course, from the glammed up ponytails of various attendees. And speaking of ponytails, as full rockabilly guise seemed of utmost importance, Hermès had a mini salon set up shop to transform attendees with victory rolls, red lips and cat-eyes. To boot, there was also a tattoo booth, where apropos designs were painted (I opted for a single teardrop).

As gussied up guests including The Society’s Amanda Blakeley, Style at Home’s Jessica Waks, the Bay’s Christopher Sherman and the entire Beckerman gang sipped themed cocktails and snacked on mini mac and cheese appetizers, the crowd erupted into a simultaneous dance lesson featuring a few classic swing moves repeated to classic swing songs. And with that, mission rockabilly was complete.

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