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Man Repeller Hits Vancouver's Secret Location

She may be The Man Repeller, but Leandra Medine draws a crowd of both ladies and gents. This time, it was a legion of Vancouver admirers that lined up for her Wednesday night appearance at Gastown boutique Secret Location.
A bounty of her kin, and by that we mean well-turned-out fashion bloggers, turned out including Little Fashionisto’s M’c kenneth Licon, A Fashion Love Affair’s (and Style Panel’s!) Cara McLeay, Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ Katharine Horsman, Alicia Fashionista’s Alicia Quan and Partly Sunny’s Sunny Shum.

She styled five lanky mannequins in Man Repeller-approved holiday looks, and posed for a gazillion Instagrams (so maybe not a gazillion, but two hours worth of filtered fan photos), and she did it in style—a white button-up, blue jeans, black Gio Diev heels and an assortment of neck ornaments to be precise.
Earlier in the day, pre-party pandemonium, we queried the blogger and soon-to-be published essayist (her book is slated for April 2013), on, what else, fashion stuff.
How has your personal style changed over the years? “Yes, definitely, but I don’t know if that’s because of my blog or just because I’m getting older. I was definitely more prone to experiment with brighter colours, and more obnoxious silhouettes, whereas now I’m so much more content in just a pair of ripped jeans and a denim shirt—my Canadian tuxedo! It might just also be the overstimulation of the industry; I’m around clothing so much that all I want to do now is wear the same jeans and t-shirt everyday.”
You’re married now. Does your ‘man-friend’ comment on what you wear? “Almost everyday he does. But it just fires me up. If he likes something, I’m inclined to take it off, you know what I mean, [like] I’m not doing it right! But he’s a free thinker, he appreciates most of who I am.”
Any tips for holiday dressing the Man Repeller way? “I’m never about the little black dress.  I think with wearing conventional sequins, which is very typical for a holiday party, [do it] a little more unusually—like sequin pants instead of a sequin dress. There’s a cute Sass & Bide t-shirt in there [Secret Location] with a sequin pocket, that’s like a fun holiday quirk to wear with a skirt you already own. You got a party on the boob and just me everywhere else. Also jeans, ‘cause why not.”

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