Inside the Toronto Life Most Influential party: 37 pictures of stylish guests celebrating the city’s top-ranked people | Hollywood yohana

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Last night Toronto Life celebrated the reveal of their Most Influential list by toasting Toronto’s 50 most influential people at The Ritz-Carlton. The lucky heavyweights—ranging from politicians to bankers to TV personalities—were profiled in the magazine’s December issue and, as the evening’s emcee Amanda Lang was eager to point out, also given a definitive rank. (Her 41st place spot obviously not affecting said eagerness.) Upon our arrival it was clear how those on the list have become so successful: they’re certainly not the familiar faces of Toronto’s late-night party circuit. The mood was much more about networking than clamouring for a cocktail, despite the impressive array of Ketel One and Tanqueray creations. Tailored suits and black dresses dominated—though oxblood items and fur accessories proved to be just as popular, including many a lush stole and a pair of furry booties on Leesa Butler. Partygoers joked about the possibility of Drake (who was ranked 32nd) showing up and rumours circulated that his friends had RSVP’d. Perhaps they meant fellow Degrassi alum Lauren Collins? By 8pm the mood of the Toronto Life Most Influential party had shifted (the premium Johnnie Walker tastings may have helped) and Andrea Bolley started a mini dance floor in the centre of the room. So it was to the dismay of many guests when the lights turned on a few hours later, announcing that the night had come to an end.

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